Math Games

gra_thumb_14_ Build a Train Game
images starfall + and –
index  +/ –
math +
pattern paul  More patterns
bobby bear Critical Thinking
concentration # words, shapes… 1 or 2 players
making #s
Counting, making numbers, +, and more!
 grouping and grazing  Count by 5s, 10s,  +/-
 one player

index top it with place value
 100 hunt  Finding #s on 100s chart
dog bone  Finding #s on 100s chart
splat square  explore the 100’s chart
Guess the Shape! 2D shapes
3D  3D shapes
.  # lines, counting
.   problem solving
.  attributes: shape, number, or color.
 .   choose: adding dice, coins, or numbers 
 #s  ordering #s
sums  add 3 #s together 
power lines  mathematical reasoning/+
.   time to the hour and 1/2 hour
.  + for 2 players



One thought on “Math Games

  1. Paula Dilisio says:

    This might be the BEST site I have ever stumbled upon! Thank you so much!

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